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Bojan Mihajlovic who has a Master degree in Management, is the author of the books “Manipulacija”, “Marketing LIKE”, “Invisible Selling” and “What if Your Whole Life Was Based on Manipulation”. He earned his first experience in America and Germany, and at a very young and ambitious age he received recognition from many successful people as a person with an invaluable talent. He worked in big business systems. He also provided business skills training, which include over 150 trainings in the field of negotiation, non-verbal communication, sales, marketing and leadership. Bojan’s lectures were attended by over 20,000 people from a large number of companies in the region. He witnessed and learned that education and business skills are considered crucial in times of crisis. He helped many successful people to develop their individual potential through Mentoring. Bojan was elected as the manager of the year in Montenegro in 2011 and was named 2013 Director of the Year in Serbia in the public sector and received the award on the basis of efficient business. Bojan currently resides in United States.

Best-seller in Europe

Directors and managers, employees in human resources, entrepreneurs, marketing and brand managers, politicians, lawyers, students, consultants, those who deal with media, those who want to positively affect the upbringing of a child…

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All about Marketing

What is marketing? What are the most effective digital marketing techniques? How to get engagement on social networks? What is the most effective way to advertise a product or service? What is the marketing mix? Why is CRM important? 

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“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

Over 50.000 copies sold

European best seller that has been published in seven editions and has over 50.000 copies sold. The influence can often have manipulative outcomes with interactions between friends, negotiations between …

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Market in a Low-Trust World

This book is written in a simple business language to approach all readers to a new age of marketing, based on real-life experience and practice. This book will provide solutions to many difficulties that are in business today.

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The Truth Behind How Highly Successful People Think Bojan MIhajlovic

The Truth Behind How Highly Successful People Think

Have you always wondered how to become highly successful? Have you wondered how a successful person’s brain works, and asked yourself how they think? Over my career, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of highly successful people, and I’ve become highly successful myself. This allows me to share with you exactly how we think, and why our way of thinking works Highly Successful People Think DifferentlyThe first thing you need to understand is that highly successful people have a very different way of thinking, and that their different way of thinking is a huge factor in their success. There…
Three Mental Tricks To Reduce Your Fear of Public Speaking Bojan Mihajlovic

Three Mental Tricks To Reduce Your Fear of Public Speaking

If public speaking makes you anxious, nervous or afraid, you’re not alone. Many people are fearful when it comes to public speaking. Some of you get terrible stage fright, and others simply doubt that anybody will care what they have to say. The reason why you need to get over this fear is because public speaking can help you grow your business. Stage time equals wealth time. By mastering the skill of public speaking, your earning ability increases. Every single time I get an opportunity to get on stage and speak, I cherish it, because being on that stage contributes…
Four Copywriting Secrets That Help You Sell Bojan Mihajlovic

Four Copywriting Secrets That Help You Sell

Copywriting is persuasion in print, and it can be extremely effective for selling your product or service if you know how to do it. Today I’m going to tell you what type of language will help you sell your product or service to a potential client or customer. I’m also going to tell you what language to avoid, and what to avoid doing. If you can master effective copywriting, your earning ability will dramatically increase, so let’s get started: 1. Use Simple LanguageThe more clear, concise and simple you are, the more likely a client will buy. People are often…
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