Digital Marketing


The seminar is intended for anyone who wants to improve their digital marketing skills in all channels. To those who want to learn how to transfer the right message. Those who have the desire to learn how to plan a marketing campaign and determine the advertising strategy. Those who want to build a brand on the market and increase revenue.


The goal of the workshop is to teach you all the relevant digital marketing skills and be able to apply them immediately.


The seminar is organized according to the principle of three sessions that are 75 minutes long, which are a combination of interactive lectures and examples from many practices. After all the sessions, there is 30 minutes reserved for answering questions.


In addition to education, all participants receive the possibility of a private consultation  with the lecturer after the workshop.


$149  per person.  Payment in $ with advance payment in order to have a guarantee of the place.


The price is set for 20+ participants.


Bojan Mihajlović


Module 1

  • What is digital marketing?
  • What are the channels in digital marketing and their effectiveness?
  • What are the most common marketing mistakes?
  • How to brand a product or service online?
  • What are the steps for creating an effective Marketing Campaign?

Module 2

  • How to create attractive content?
  • How to make an effective strategy?
  • How do I optimize content on search engines?
  • How does Email Marketing work?
  • How does SMS Marketing work?
  • What is PPC?

Module 3

  • How to create and which are effective Facebook & Instagram campaigns?
  • How to create and what are the effective Linkedin campaigns?
  • How to create and which are effective Youtube campaigns?
  • How do I create an AdWords & AdSense campaign?
  • How to use Google/Adobe Analytics?
  • How to get more downloads in App Store/Google Play Store?

Questions and Answers – 30 minutes

Online registration