Hotel Management


For those who want to organize a profitable hotel business. The seminar is intended for owners, directors, managers or those who want to become it.


The goal of the seminar is to teach you all the relevant skills for organizing hotel business. You will learn everything you need for corporate business, management of reception, food and drink management, purchasing, finance, report making, event organization, sales management, price strategy, online business management and much more.


The seminar is organized according to the principle of three sessions of 75 minutes, which represent a combination of interactive lectures and examples from practice. After all the sessions, there is 30 minutes reserved for answering questions.


In addition to education, all participants receive the possibility of a private consultation  with the lecturer after the workshop.


$149  per person.  Payment in $ with advance payment in order to have a guarantee of the place.


The price is set for 20+ participants.


Bojan Mihajlović


Module 1

  • How to build a career in hotel industry?
  • What are the types of hotel facilities?
  • Categorization and how to set up a business organization in line with the type of object?
  • How to hire and train workers?
  • How to organize a team at the reception, to make an action plan and a budget?
  • How to perform task control and get the information you need?

Module 2

  • Which procedures are important in hotel business?
  • How to define a business concept?
  • How to develop distribution sales online and offline channels?
  • Which marketing strategy should I implement in which media?
  • How to manage revenue? (Revenue Management)
  • Food and drink management and event coordination?

Module 3

  • What is a crisis PR?
  • How to deal with conflicts?
  • How to build and manage online reputation?
  • How to manage social networks?
  • How to manage finance and procurement? 
  • What are the advanced skills of the leader?

Questions and Answers – 30 minutes

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