Bojan Mihajlovic Manipulacija


I would like to recommend the book to all

Directors and managers, employees in human resources, entrepreneurs, marketing and brand managers, politicians, lawyers, students, consultants, those who deal with media, those who want to positively affect the upbringing of a child, trainers, or simply to those who have difficulty and want success.

Why did I write the book Manipulation?

The basic thought that was in my mind when I decided to write the book Manipulation is that every one of us once found him or herself in a situation where we felt hopeless, without a solution, and then gave up. The book Manipulation is not written as a theory or philosophy, but problem-solving book to help you find a solution for any manipulation situation. In the book you will learn a lot about types of personalities and how each of them can succumb to manipulation. You can find out what type of personality to socialize and who to avoid, how they behave in the work environment and who to hire. Getting the right attitude about communication is half of the work, so if you want your communication to be effective, you will get clear guidelines and I am sure you will achieve the goal. It is always necessary to take a stand in communication in order to be a step ahead of others. Businessman expects business cooperation, the boss wants loyalty, productivity and cooperation, the employee wants recognition and trust, husband and wife want love and attention, parents want obedience, the child wants security, the seller wants to sign the contract, etc. Every person wants to feel important and valuable, and you can find out about the details of interpersonal relationships in various situations by reading my book. You will learn how to recognize whether someone is lying to you, how to deal with negative people, how to decode body language, how to negotiate successfully in the business world, how to develop an influence on the environment, how the media manipulates, how politicians manipulate , tricks of non-verbal companions, how to improve childhood education and much more. I hope everyone will enjoy reading this book, as I enjoyed writing. You will be much more aware of your qualities and potential, and then be able to achieve the goals you have set. Manipulation is often associated with a negative connotation, but should be considered in a positive direction. The question is whether to motivate or manipulate? Manipulation is management of others, their properties, reactions to achieve a certain effect or reaction, we should aim to motivate instead. Read this book to learn more on this topic and I hope it helps you influence in a positive way.

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