Marketing Like

Marketing Like Bojan MIhajlovic

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What is marketing? What are the most effective digital marketing techniques? How to get engagement on social networks? What is the most effective way to advertise a product or service? What is the marketing mix? Why is CRM important? Which media portals are most productive? How to brand a product or service? How to set up a pricing policy? What is a quality logo? Why is research important? How to develop a brand strategy? How Greed Can Slow Business Growth? What is silent marketing? How important is self-marketing?

Why did I write the book Marketing LIKE?

Why did I write the book Marketing LIKE?During my long career in various forms of business, I noticed that marketing is only basic concepts and that knowledge about this very important area is not improving. Attention is focused on traditional marketing, although digital marketing is the future. Every day the world is changing, and marketing professionals need to adapt to new trends and rules, as trends dictate the future of marketing. I have worked in many big companies and have improved in the country and abroad by fully acknowledging and educating myself in the topic of marketing after my acquaintance with Mr. Martin Tam, who mentored and gave me guidelines. Later, I worked for the InterContinental Hotels Group and got the confidence to be a project leader. During this period, and even today, when I am developing new businesses, I advise many investors, companies, entrepreneurs, managers and directors how to improve their business. One of the most common things I notice while working with the people is that they have the same dilemmas about marketing. With this book I covered all the questions and gave answers based on years of research and my own experience. The Book “Marketing Like” should help all investors, entrepreneurs, directors, managers, marketing managers, brand managers, community managers, students, and those who want to improve their personal professional image. The book is a brief and clear instruction, with no complicated definitions, that goes into the core of new-age marketing and clearly defines the differences between digital and traditional marketing with the goal of learning to take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of both.

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