What if Your Whole Life Was Based on Manipulation



Over 60.000 copies sold

European best seller that has been published in seven editions and has over 60.000 copies sold. The influence can often have manipulative outcomes with interactions between friends, negotiations between business associates, broadcast media influence, public speaking, phone conversations, communication at work, discussion with parents, romantic relationship, social media, etc. This book will reveal secrets of many hidden influences that are not aware of.

About the Book

The basic thought that was in my mind when I decided to write this book is that when each of us comes to a seemingly impenetrable situation, we decide that there is no solution then give up. What I learned during my career and working with different people in different places is that one should never give up. I often like to say: “there are no unsolvable problems, but only inexperienced people.”

This book is written in order to give readers a closer look into the question of manipulation, which happens very often in all segments of life. In a large number of cases, you are not even aware of this manipulation.

When you start reading this book you will see a large number of examples from real life and I believe that each of you will recognize at least half of them.

Manipulation exists in work relationships, with family members, sexual relationships, marriage, academic relationships, politics, professional relationships. social media and many areas in life. In this book, I will explain how to recognize every form of manipulation and to defend yourself against it in the right way. All of us are different individuals with different personalities and attitudes that are influenced by our environment. I will guide you to decode manipulation and deal with all types of personalities. This book will explain how each personality can succumb to and defend against manipulation. In addition, I will show you many tricks on how to build self-confidence in communication, which many of us miss. Half of the work is done when you have the right attitude in each situation. Not having a solution to a problem leaves us unhappy and with low self-esteem. No matter how successful or powerful we think we are, our surroundings are full of skilled manipulators or liars that can damage our future decisions.

My readers will be trained to recognize every gesture that each manipulator and liar subconsciously makes. I’ve experienced many trials and tribulations with manipulators and liars throughout my personal life and career and now I want to share it.

I wrote this book to help everyone learn the vast problem-solving techniques I have gathered through dealing with difficult people and situations. I want my readers to reference this book each time they are in any of these difficult situations.

The book is very practical, with examples and advice that can help you in everyday life situations. It’s time to become stronger, more confident and successful! I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and after you finish, you will be much more aware of your quality, potential, and prospects for success in life.


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